Welcome to Django Persistent Settings

Django Persistent Settings is a library to help you store and retrieve platform-specific settings, in and from the database.

Django Persistent Settings is an alpha product and is subject to have breaking changes.

Python and Django Compatibility

The compatibility is shown at the table below:

Django 1.11 Django 2.0 Django 2.1 Django 2.2
Python 3.5
Python 3.6
Python 3.7
Python 3.8


Django Persistent Settings does not officiall support Django 3.0 yet.


To install Django Persistent Settings, use pip:

pip install django-persistent-settings

Then you need to register it in INSTALLED_APPS in your Django settings file:

    # ... other apps

Also, you can optionally register PersistentSettingsMiddleware in order to access the settings from a HttpRequest instance (inside a view):

    # ... other middlewares


Django Persistent Settings is licensed under the terms of Apache License 2.0 .